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How to Improve your Amazon Advertising Placements

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Amazon Advertising Placement Locations

Why Does your Ad Location Matter?

Why You Should Adjust Bids by Placement for Your Amazon PPC Bid Strategy

Amazon bid placements are the places across the Amazon platform where sellers’ ads might appear.
You can adjust bids by placement using dynamic bids based on your desired advertising placement and view the performance of your Sponsored Products using three placement groups.

Amazon Advertising Placement Locations

The 3 Amazon ad placements groups are:

  1. Top of the Amazon Search Engine (the first page)

This is the most competitive placement option as it almost always results in the most conversions.

This placement will put your ad on the first row of the SERP when Amazon search terms matches with your keywords.

  1. Rest of Search

This placement refers to ads found in the middle or at the bottom of the first page of search results.

Amazon does not allow you to edit this placement. 

  1. Product Pages

This placement refers to ads that appear on product detail pages, as well as all other non-ASIN search pages like the add-to-cart page.

This placement can be 10 times worse for click-through-rates than the top of search placement.

Why Does your Ad Location Matter?

Essentially, the location of your ads greatly influences how effective they are to the customer.

Naturally, more effective areas are more expensive, so take that into account when it comes to your Amazon PPC bid strategy

Why You Should Adjust Bids by Placement for Your Amazon PPC Bid Strategy

Set Bid Multipliers

When you use the “adjust bids by placement” feature, you can set bid multipliers for Sponsored Products.

This allows you to increase your bids by specified amounts to compete for specific placements.

Sellers looking to optimize their Amazon advertising strategy can change the bid amount for one ad targeting placement without impacting other placements.

Understand Where to Focus Placements

Each placement is different and has its own pros and cons.

In order to view your ad’s performance by placement, open a campaign, and click on the Placements tab.

This will give you a better idea of which placements you should be focusing on for your ad campaigns.

Optimize Your Campaign

This feature lets you fully optimize your PPC campaign on Amazon.

Adjust bid by placement will help you to increase your return on ad spend, or ROAS, by placing your ads in better locations and removing ads from ineffective areas.

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Get your Advertising seen where it matters and will make a difference.

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  • In the middle or bottom of the first page
  • On Product detail pages

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