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Amazon Broad Keyword

Broad match keywords that are used for Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. This strategy shows your ads for the search strings relevant to the targeted keyword.

Broad match on Amazon is a keyword match type. In Amazon PPC broad match lets you select this type of keyword match to make your ad display when the search term contains all of the keyword terms in any order. Broad match is one of three available keyword match types, the other two being phrase match and exact match.

Understanding Broad Match Keywords on Amazon

An example of broad match in action is the following: imagine you’re aiming for the keyword, “outdoor swing set.” The broad match setting will display your ad for search terms that match this keyword or any search terms that are related to this keyword. Terms may contain synonyms, misspellings, and linguistic variations. 

In this case, the searches “swing set,” “indoor swing set,” “swings,” “rope swing,” and so on might all bring up your ad. Even search terms like “outdoor playground” or “kids play area” might be included too. 

How to Use Amazon Broad Keywords

You can choose this keyword match type when adding keywords manually by selecting it in the match type drop down menu. Once the campaign has been made, you will be unable to adjust the match types you have selected. 

Why Use Amazon Broad Match Keywords?

The broad match keyword type is one of the ways you can fine-tune your ad performance on Amazon. This option is designed to make your ad visible to a large number of shoppers. Choosing the match type “exact match” will show your ad to a more select, targeted group.

Broad match is a suitable option if you aren’t trying to target your ad to a specific group and you want to reach as many shoppers as possible. However, the broad match setting can become more costly. Because you are casting a wider net and displaying your ad to a larger group of shoppers, you may end up with more people clicking the ad but choosing not to buy the product. 

Amazon PPC Broad Phrase vs. Exact

Whether you use phrase match, exact match, or broad match will depend on your Amazon PPC campaign structure and your overall marketing goals. For more focused targeting, exact match may be necessary, while broad match is more suitable for advertising your products to a larger, less focused audience.

Search for potential keywords you are considering to see what types of products show up with a specific search. This will help you develop a better understanding of what products a customer may be interested in.

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