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Amazon Exact Match

The Amazon Keyword Match Types

Why Choose Exact Match?

How to Use Exact Match

The Amazon Keyword Match Types

Amazon Search Exact Match

Amazon Search Exact Match is a keyword exact match type in Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) Sponsored Product Ads. These ads use keywords to match ads with relevant customer search terms and product pages across Amazon. The other Amazon keyword match types are phrase match keywords and broad match.

Exact match keywords on Amazon ensure that only search queries that match your keyword word-for-word will display your ad. Close variations and plural forms of your keyword list will also be included, however.

Example of an Amazon exact keyword:

Let’s say your keyword is “Harry Potter mug.”

If you select “exact match” on Amazon – your ad will appear only on searches for “Harry Potter mug,” or “Harry Potter mugs.”

Your ad wont be displayed for any other variations of the keyword. Not even for searches like “red Harry Potter mug,” “Harry Potter movie mug,” and so on.

Why Choose Exact Match?

Exact match is the most restrictive of the three keyword match types. This means you will reach a smaller group of shoppers with your targeted ad. However, when comparing Amazon keyword phrase match vs exact match, you are more likely to reach the most relevant shoppers. 

This keyword match type should be reserved for keywords that are the most relevant to your product.

For instance, lets say you’re advertising a large Gryffindor Harry Potter mug.

You may have bid on the specific keyword “large Gryffindor Harry Potter mug.”

Because this keyword is so specific, it is worth using the exact match setting for this keyword.

This way, all of the shoppers who are looking for your exact product can see your ad in their search results.

When deciding between Amazon advertising campaigns phrase vs. exact matching, think about how specific you want the keyword to be. If you choose to be more restrictive, would you be unintentionally excluding potentially interested audiences?

How to Use Exact Match

You can choose this keyword match type when adding keywords manually by selecting it in the phrase match type drop-down menu. Once the campaign has been made, you will be unable to adjust the match types you have selected.

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Get relevant clicks on your Ads!
Exact match keywords= only search queries that match your keyword word-for-word will display your ad= reach a smaller and relevant group of shoppers.