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Save cost of Ads by Amazon Targeting Products using Negative Keywords

Easily learn how to prevent your ads displaying when search terms match your negative product selections. Amazon Targeting with RevenueWize

What Is Amazon PPC Product Targeting?

What Is Negative Targeting in Amazon?

How to Use Negative Amazon Targeting

Why Use Negative Product Targeting?

Just like keyword targeting and Amazon targeting, it’s also worth knowing the meaning of product targeting. Both features of Amazon allow you to fine-tune the audience you aim to influence through your ads.

What Is Amazon PPC Product Targeting?

When you use product targeting on Amazon, any searches containing items related to yours will also show your listings. It’s a useful tool for appealing to the customer base of competing or related sellers.

What Is Negative Targeting in Amazon?

Similarly, negative product targeting is a feature of Amazon that prevents your ads from displaying when the search term matches your negative product selections and negative keywords. By choosing a list of brands and products that you wish to exclude, you can keep your ads relevant to your visiting shoppers, saving money on your advertising cost of sale (ACOS).

How to Use Negative Amazon Targeting

Negative Product Targeting is a feature in Sponsored Ads. These ads appear on targeted search pages and product detail pages. The feature ensures that only relevant shoppers see your ads.

Why Use Negative Product Targeting?

You don’t want your ads to display on irrelevant brands.

  1. Prevent advertising on irrelevant searches

For example, let’s say you sell toy trains.

Imagine that there was a clothing brand known as “ToyTrains.” While the keywords match, shoppers looking for the clothing brand will not be interested in your toy train products. Using negative product targeting will prevent you from wasting advertising money on this irrelevant search.

  1. Don’t be associated with the wrong brands

Another reason to use negative product targeting is to disassociate yourself with certain brands.

For instance, you may notice that your ad is displayed on the product pages of lower-quality brands. When your products become associated with certain brands, you may find that your product develops a poor reputation by association.

  1. Make sure your ads aren’t promoting your competitors

You may also wish to find high-performing ASINs and target them manually.

For instance, if a certain product similar to yours has a higher rating and a lower price, there isn’t much point in advertising your product on this other product’s page. By using negative product targeting, you can make sure your ad doesn’t appear on product pages that will likely out-perform yours.

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Sometimes Negative is Positive

Negative Product Targeting will help you prevent undesirable results:
* No more wasting advertising money on irrelevant searches.
* Disassociate yourself from certain brands.
*Make sure your ads aren’t promoting your competitors.