Amazon Phrase Keywords

Phrase match options in Amazon Ads, triggers your ad when the search term contains your keyword in exact manner with added on variations.

Amazon Phrase Match is a keyword match type that determines how your keywords will interact with various search terms. By selecting the phrase match option, the keywords in your Sponsored Product Ad campaigns will only match with searches that contain the exact keyword phrase or a sequence of words from your keyword. This option will also include plural forms of your keyword when they appear.

In comparison to Amazon broad match, phrase match is more selective. While broad match will match your keyword with any searches related to the keyword, phrase match makes the ad target a more selective group of shoppers.

For instance, if your selected keyword is “paint brush kits,” phrase match will only target searches that contain this keyword. Searches like “kids paint brush kits,” “paint brush kits for adults,” and “paint brush kit” will all be potential matches.

However, certain searches like “paintbrush and canvas” or “kits for paint brushes” will not match with phrase match as they do not contain the exact keyword phrase.

At the same time, broad match ensures that you don’t miss out on potential audiences that Amazon exact match would exclude. The decision among Amazon keyword broad, phrase, and exact matching is not an easy one, but it can make the difference between a profitable ad campaign and an unsuccessful one.

Why Use Amazon Keyword Phrase Match?

How effective is Amazon advertising phrase matching vs. exact or broad matching? There are several reasons why you may choose a phrase match for your campaign. It will still help you reach a broad selection of shoppers by narrowing the pool slightly and keeping the ad in relevant searches only.

Of all the Amazon keyword match types, this option is great for products and keywords that have specific features. For instance, if your keyword is “children’s clothes,” phrase match will ensure your ad doesn’t appear on searches for “children’s shoes” or “teenaged clothes.”

How to Use Phrase Match

You can choose this keyword match type when adding keywords manually by selecting it in the match type drop down menu. Once the campaign has been made, you will be unable to adjust the match types you have selected.