Amazon Product Targeting

Product targeting in Amazon PPC ad campaigns, allows you to display your Sponsored Product ads in other ASIN pages and in category search results.

Product targeting, also known as Amazon ASIN targeting, is a mechanism offered in Amazon PPC ad campaigns that allows you to display your Sponsored Product ads in other ASIN pages and in category search results. By targeting other sellers’ specific products, you can position your product in line with related items on the marketplace.

You can also target categories and apply refinements based on price, brand, or rating. By associating your goods with other respected listings, product targeting on Amazon can give your offerings added authority and visibility.

How to Choose Products to Target

It’s vital that you select your target products or ASINs carefully. In order to maximize the potential you get from Amazon product targeting ads, consider the following points when selecting other ASINs. Look for products that are:

  • From a recognizable brand
  • More expensive than yours
  • Have a high rating

Recognizable brands often generate plenty of traffic. This means that your ad will be more visible, as it will be presented as an alternative to this well-known product. Eventually, this Amazon product targeting in PPC ad campaigns can increase brand awareness.

Shoppers tend to look for the best deal on Amazon. By placing your ad on product pages that are more expensive than your product, you will be more likely to entice shoppers to select yours.

You should also consider the other product’s rating in an Amazon product targeting campaign. Both high ratings and low ratings can be beneficial for you. A high rating can benefit you by association, while a low rating can make your product look better by comparison.

Negative Product Targeting

Occasionally, you want your listings not to associate with certain products already on the market. Perhaps they serve an entirely different audience already. In this case, you want to look into Amazon negative product targeting.

How to Set Up an Amazon Product Targeting Campaign

This BETA feature is accessed on the Targeting Page where you can select Product Targeting. Then, you will be able to select categories and individual products that you wish to target. Getting started with Amazon advertising product targeting sooner only increases the chance you’ll find success on such a vast marketplace.