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Amazon Audits
for Account Acquisition

  • Potential Savings
  • Potential Growth
  • Growth Barriers
  • Risk Factors

Perfect for
Acquirers of Amazon Businesses


Why M&A Teams Choose RevenueWize

Mitigates the Risk
Makes sure you are aware of any risks associated with the account prior to making critical decisions
Evaluates the Potential
Helps understand the potential savings and growth to support your decision making
Identify Barriers
Identifies barriers which impact the potential growth of the account which impacts the valuation

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Make Sure You Don’t Miss Anything

Potential Savings Analysis

Evaluate the potential savings that can be achieved due to non-optimized and wasted ad spend.

Net profits from savings!

Potential Growth Opportunities

Estimate the potential growth that can be achieved by implementing advertising best practices.

Revenues and Profits related to growth!

Growth Barriers

Understand all of the barriers that might prevent you from growing the account.

Know these things in advance and prepare!

Risk Factors

Understand all factors that might pose a risk on the account potential.

Mitigate all potential risks and be aware of them!