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Automatic vs Manual Campaigns for Amazon PPC Optimization

Seismic shifts in the retail industry have driven sellers to leverage advertising platforms like Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to create ad campaigns for their products in the hopes of increasing profits. A significant reason steering this growth is Amazon’s ability to spur enormous conversion and impression rates. Statistics reveal that an effective Amazon PPC strategy could result in an average conversion and impression rates of 9.55% and 101,265, respectively. 

There are several strategies to achieve those numbers, but the process begins with choosing between automatic or manual campaign strategies for entry-level sellers. Both methods have their strengths and weaknesses depending on your PPC campaign goal. Read on to find out each approach’s underlying differences so that you can increase your sales with Amazon PPC.

What is an Automatic Campaign?

Making a mark in the Amazon marketplace can be difficult with trends and new products continuously being introduced. Therefore, choosing the right campaign strategy is vital in reaching more buyers, boosting sales, and increasing your search engine ranking. An automatic campaign is an Amazon PPC optimization strategy that allows sellers to bypass selecting your keywords. 

This can help determine the long-tail search keywords for future campaigns, which are often challenging to pinpoint with keyword research tools. Leveraging this approach allows Amazon to pick when to show your product ad based on the keywords found from the title and description on your product listing. 

While this strategy can yield favorable impression rates, automatic campaigns provide you with less control than manual campaigns. With automated campaigns, sellers are forced to bid the same for high, low, and non-converting keywords. This increases the risk of Amazon displaying your product ads on irrelevant search keywords, thus, preventing you from turning impressions into buyers.

What is a Manual Campaign?

Unlike automatic campaigns, manual strategies for Amazon PPC optimization allow the sellers to characterize the bid rates and keywords. This makes it easier for sellers to bid high on high-converting keywords and optimize them for high targeting while reducing the bid on low-converting search terms.

You can choose which keywords to target using an Amazon PPC optimization software tool or by assessing and evaluating the keywords’ performance in your ad campaigns. Having the option to bid on your chosen keywords also allows you to achieve your sales goals quicker by optimizing your bids based on keyword profitability. 

Manual campaigns also enable you to use unique matching keywords and run ads based on brands and categories for optimized results. However, this can mean continuous work to enhance rate control and avoid costly human errors. The challenge with a manual campaign is the increased risk of losing money since manually defining keywords and bids. Therefore, sellers must be PPC experts to run a healthy campaign structure and ensure profitability in the long term.

Which Campaign Works Better?

Automatic and manual campaigns are at sixes and sevens. Picking the better campaign strategy often depends on the type of Amazon PPC ads you are running or the campaign management software you are using. Therefore, selecting a campaign management software that matches your goals is vital in tracking your campaign’s efficiency and increasing successful campaign execution. 

The right campaign management software will empower sellers to launch, schedule, coordinate, and track their product ad campaigns across multiple channels. Manual campaigns might be the better option when sponsored product ads since this optimization often leads to lower long-term ad spend and more effective ads.

Auto campaigns are the way to go if you want to improve product placement on competitor web pages. Either way, using the right Amazon PPC campaign strategy is vital in ensuring that you can maximize profits and turn those viewers into buyers.

Why Should You Use Both Campaign Strategies?

The application of both automatic and manual campaigns is gaining increasing popularity among strategic sellers. This way, they can search the most effective keywords accurately while simultaneously staying at the forefront of search trends.

Casting off a keyword from auto campaigns and aligning it into an exact-match manual campaign also enables you to bid the appropriate amount for that search term. Thus, increasing the likelihood of bidding more on the keywords that convert and reducing the amount spent on terms that don’t.

Ensuring Profitability through Campaigns for Amazon PPC Optimization

Amazon is an ever-changing marketplace, and winning market share is becoming increasingly difficult than ever with so many sellers in the space. Therefore, sellers need to be smart enough to use robust Amazon PPC solutions to maximize their profits, lower the Amazon average cost of sale (ACoS), and avoid being overshadowed by their competitors. You can start making a mark in the marketplace with RevenueWize.

RevenueWize is a dynamic Amazon PPC solution that empowers sellers to transform their campaigns to increase sales and reduce advertising cost sales. It packs powerful tools that use AI-based algorithms that work conjointly to optimize the keyword bidding process. RevenueWize offers a lifetime free plan, but users can upgrade to its pro and agency packages to take advantage of premium features.

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