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Best Practices and Strategies for Amazon PPC in 2020

Amazon has been leading the charge for eCommerce in recent years. From the development of Alexa and the Echo to the introduction of new AI technologies, the company has generated several high-profile breakthroughs.

However, one innovation that online sellers should look out for is Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which can tremendously help in boosting profits for an eCommerce company operating in one of the world’s largest marketplaces.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is an advertising tool for businesses to show off their products to potentially interested buyers. Billing works on a per-click basis so that Amazon receives money each time a buyer clicks on the advertisement.

Measuring PPC metrics involves several components:

PPC is not a simple concept to understand, but tracking these metrics is vital to building an effective advertising campaign on Amazon.

Why Is Amazon PPC Important?

You want customers to notice your products. While organic ranking can do some work, sometimes search results show thousands of products, making it difficult to stand out.

Whether you make your own products or operate an Amazon private label company, advertising on the same site you’re selling in goes a long way to generating revenue and pushing conversions.

Types of Amazon PPC Ads

There are many ways to take advantage of Amazon’s program, and every kind of sponsored ad has its own advantages in different situations.

Sponsored Products Ads

The most popular type of Amazon advertisement, sponsored products show advertised products in search results and product listing pages. The seller can either control these ads manually or allow Amazon to tweak them according to performance statistics.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Often referred to as “headline search ads,” sponsored brand ads appear at the top of Amazon searches. A vendor must have a minimum of three brand-registered products on Amazon to use them.

Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored display ads allow vendors to target potential clients who have already visited their pages. Amazon automatically creates ads targeting those customers on its affiliate sites such as Google, Facebook, or Netflix.

So What Is the Best Amazon PPC Strategy For My Business?

You should try all the types of ads that Amazon has to offer. An understanding of what keywords and Amazon search terms are effective is necessary.

Many advertisements rely on a well-designed store page on Amazon, which gives customers the impression that the seller knows how to sell effectively on the platform.

In a nutshell, a versatile Amazon PPC strategy should involve:

And, of course, enjoy watching your Amazon online business grow! If you need help building a reliable revenue stream, then why not try RevenueWize? It’s an Amazon platform that tracks the effectiveness of your keywords and weeds out the underperforming ones.

Regardless of how you approach Amazon advertising, know that your efforts will result in higher profit margins, more traffic to your storefront, and a more impactful understanding of market demands and customer preferences.