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How to Increase Your Sales With Amazon PPC?

You can carry high-demand items, but without a functional ad campaign, consumers won’t know where to find you. 

The truth is—the average brand doesn’t have enough recognition or brand awareness for their products. A well-managed Amazon PPC ad campaign can be a triple threat: It can increase your product visibility and boost sales while improving your organic rankings. 

But the strategies that you use (or don’t use) can make or break your campaign. Let’s take a look at what a successful Amazon PPC ad campaign looks like behind the scenes. 

What Are Amazon Sponsored Products?

Amazon Sponsored Product ads are the most popular type of ad for Amazon PPC. Advertisers bid on relevant keywords, and whoever wins the auction floats to the top of the results page when shoppers search for those words or phrases. The winner of the auction pays Amazon each time a shopper clicks on their ad (not every time it shows up). 

There’s a reason why Sponsored Product ads are the most popular—they can appear on almost every page throughout a shopper’s Amazon journey and have a substantial effect on boosting sales. 

Sponsored Product ads are one of the most critical PPC strategies. Taking the time to learn the ropes is well worth it. 

Tips for Improving Ad Performance

Advertising costs you money, so how do you get the most out of each ad? Here are a few proven tips we recommend:

1. Do your (keyword) research. 

Bidding on relevant keywords is critical. If you bid on keywords that don’t make sense for your business, you’re wasting your money. When it comes to driving traffic to your product, promoting brand awareness, and boosting sales, the key is in the keywords. 

If this is your first rodeo, we recommend starting with an automatic campaign. Automatic-targeted ads give Amazon permission to select relevant keywords based on your product info automatically. Run an automatic campaign for at least a week, then comb through the keywords for which Amazon has shown your product. 

Search term reports are like treasure maps. Take note of the keywords which were most searched for and converted to sales—and at what ACoS? Use these high-performing keywords in your manual campaigns. 

A word of advice when performing keyword research: look for long-tail keywords, which are strings of three or more keywords. Long-tail keywords are generally less competitive, leading to a lower CPC. 

2. Purify your keywords. 

Manual campaigns allow a maximum of 100 keywords. Ideally, these 100 keywords are the cream of the crop. Figuring out whether a keyword yields the best performance when compared to similar keywords takes patience. Over time—and after numerous search reports—you’ll be able to pinpoint which keywords are your top players and which belong on the bench. 

How’s your reaction time? When it comes to your PPC ad campaign, you need to be able to pull out unprofitable and under-performing keywords quickly to avoid spending money without making any in return. Monitor your search reports regularly and be especially wary of keywords that generate clicks but no purchases—these are costing you. 

If you come across a keyword that’s not converting, turn it into a negative keyword. Amazon makes sure that your ad never pops up when shoppers search for your negative keywords. For instance, if you’re selling a high-end product, a negative search term you should consider using is “cheap.” 

3. Keep track of what’s going on. 

You won’t know what’s working and what’s not if you’re not paying attention regularly. If your goal is to boost sales, make a habit out of tracking your progress. In particular, pay special mind to the following metrics:

Amazon PPC Secrets to Boost Your Sales

If you’ve followed the tips above and are still looking for some insider info on how to boost sales with your ad campaign, you’re in luck. Here are just a couple of pointers our experts have gathered over the years to help you make the most of your Sponsored Product ads. 

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