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How PointStory leveraged RevenueWize to generate a strong positive impact on Else Nutrition’s ROAS.


Pointstory is a full service eCommerce agency founded by veterans of the eCommerce industry. PointStory works with brands in B2B and B2C segments across categories delivering value in strategic planning and execution of digital strategy.

Pointstory was in charge of launching Else Nutrition, a globally patented, plant-based alternative formula for toddlers on Amazon. Else Nutrition products are part of the Baby & Toddler Formula, a highly competitive category which includes major brands such as Gerber, Similac and Enfamil. 

The Challenge

While the brand was growing on Amazon it was at the expense of a relatively high AcoS many of which driven by a large number of targets with low clicks, not enough to provide a good enough signal on how to proceed.

The Approach

Launching the Else brand in such a highly competitive and mature category required creative out of the box thinking.

Due to a premium nature of the brand, deep discounting was not an option as it is with many new product launches on Amazon. Instead, the team focused on driving traffic to the listing using exploratory campaigns with wide reach. The goal was to generate traffic and capture terms that resonated with the shoppers. Additionally, the team identified top products in the toddler nutrition space, as well as products in adjacent categories such as baby/toddler feeding bottles, toddler nutrition items, books on similar topics and even baby/toddler furniture, among others. This approach helped the client in getting traffic and understanding the targets that resonated with the shoppers.

Needless to say, advertising played a major role in the launch tactics and included a combination of ad types and techniques necessary for generating brand awareness and initial sales traction.

The Results

With PointStory’s industry knowledge and marketing execution alongside RevenueWize’s technology, we were able to immediately identify the cost drivers, which were not contributing effectively to the sales. Thanks to its unique design, we were able to quickly identify those targets across campaigns, harvest, isolate them and manage to specific KPIs. Within 2 weeks we were able to increase ROAS 2.5x while growing the sales!

We continue to see a healthy and consistent growth of the brand on Amazon driven by continuously strong performance of the advertising. More importantly, we keep the ROAS at healthy levels thanks to the ability to identify high spend targets and take actions on these targets at scale.

Since the beginning of the year, we tripled the Ad-attributed Orders while the ROAS over time remained at relatively constant levels.

During the same period, the Ad Impressions increased 7x, while Clicks increased 4x. Even though CPCs displayed some volatility as we worked through various targeting tests, the average CPC in the last 2 weeks is within +/- 5% of the January levels. It is quite remarkable given the increased competition on the Amazon platform and general upward CPC trends.

Most importantly, we continue to meet the goals of the brand. RevenueWize has proven to be a key tool of this process.


From the Agency

“RevenueWize, helped easily identify targets driving the spend. It was very helpful in pulling data insights on those targets across campaigns. We were then able to make modifications, which made an immediate positive impact on the ROAS”.

The solution includes special metrics such as NPACOS (Next Purchase ACOS) are extremely helpful in dealing with low click volume targets. As the brand was new to the platform, we did not have much data to make informed decisions and RevenueWize helped us identify high potential targets and keep them running

“We continue to see a healthy growth of the Else brand on Amazon and Revenue Wize has played a big part to their success.”

Leszek Lekstan, PointStory Co-Founder

From the Agency

“RevenueWize and PointStory helped us get the results we needed on Amazon, much more quickly and efficiently. It enabled us to make more data-driven informed spends on the platform, while minimizing wasted dollars. We continue to see strong double-digit growth quarter over quarter since launching Else on Amazon – and there’s no question that RevenueWize and PointStory were an instrumental part of this. It’s rocket fuel for growth!”

– Barak Orenstein, Else Nutrition – Global Marketing Director

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