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How to Manage Losing Keywords

Learn more about how to manage the losing keywords on RevenueWize to improve your biding strategy and reduce your ACOS.

The Losing Keywords Menu includes Auto, Broad and Phrase keywords which are generating losses and do not have a dominant search term.  

When a search term generates loses above our threshold it will appear under the active search terms section. In this case there isn’t a single search term in the keyword which is generating loses above the threshold and each search term is generating a small loss. In these cases the losses add up and require our attention.

For example, a Loose-Match campaign which has generate 19 clicks without sales and a loss of $13.2


Clicking on the keyword will allow us to view additional details. We can see next to the Match Type there are 19 search terms related to this Loose-Match campaign


Once we click on the Match Type will will see a breakdown of all search terms related to this Loose Match campaign


Looking at the list of search terms we can see they are all receiving 1 click and generating a small loss but their sum can be substantial.

At this point we should evaluate the relevancy of the keyword to our product/s and can decide which action to take:

  • Pause the keyword – if all search terms have generated losses and there’s a low CTR this might suggest the keyword is not relevant.
  • Reduce the keyword bid – instead of pausing it we might consider reducing the bid.
  • Increasing the bid – if the search terms are relevant we might decide to increase the bid and try to generate more impressions and clicks and evaluate the CTR and performance on more clicks