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How to Manage Snoozed Items

Learn more about how to Use the Snoozed Items Option on the RevenueWize system.

The “Snoozed” menu displays all of the terms that are currently snoozed. Each snoozed item appears under its relevant group: EXACT KEYWORDS, ACTIVE SEARCH TERMS & ASIN TARGETING.


The actions we can take in this menu are: 

  1. View the term performance – clicking on the more details arrow () on the left of the row will open a popup with the term performance.
  2. Canceling the existing snooze – clicking on the clear snooze back arrow will remove the term from being snoozed and bring it back to the “pool” of terms which is analyzed by the system. (The term will only return to one of the recommendation segments if it is still among the top 10, 30, or 50 search terms in a specific segment).
  3. Extending the snooze period – clicking on the 3, 7 or 14 days snooze option in the popup with extend the snooze period according to the selected time frame.
How to Manage Snoozed Items