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How to use the Impressions Drop Menu

Learn more about how to manage impressions drop on RevenueWize.

It often happens that performance is going down and you are trying to spot the source of it. Many times it is related to a downtrend in impressions per Keyword or Targeting ASIN.

The Impressions Drop report offers an immediate view to spot all keywords where you’ve lost impressions and sales due to a bid change you have performed.

The logic:

The system constantly scans our keyword performance and if it recognizes that the average daily impressions in the last 7 days has dropped by 90% vs. the average daily impressions in the previous 3 weeks due to a bid change – it will identify it and include it under the impressions drop menu.

It will also present the “loss of potential sales” as a result of this drop + the loss of revenue respectively.

Clicking on the keyword will display additional information including a graph presenting how the change in bid has impacted the impressions and sales (if such were generated)

We can perform several actions from here including : 

  • Bid Adjustment – if we didn’t mean for this to happen we might consider increasing the bid to a bid somewhere in between the previous bid which generate losses and the current bid which “killed” the impressions.
  • Add Note – we can add a note which will be available for future reference.
  • Snooze – we can snooze the keyword for a period of 3, 7 or 14 days in case there’s no action we want to take at this time.