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How to use the Snooze functionality

Learn more about how to Use the Snooze functionality with Auto and Manual Options on the RevenueWize system.

Snooze Functionality Options

There are two snooze options in the solution, an auto snooze and a manual snooze.

Terms that have been snoozed will appear under the Snooze menu during their snoozed period.

Manual Snooze

In certain cases, you might prefer not to apply any recommendation or take any action, and give the term a few more days to work. 

That’s why, we have the option to snooze a term – put a reminder for 3, 7, or 14 days, and review the performance later on.

When snoozing a recommendation, the following actions will occur:

  1. The term will be highlighted displaying the snoozed period so we know we’ve handled it.
  2. The term will be added automatically to the “Snoozed” menu located in the left sidebar menu should we wish to review it during the snoozed period.
  3. The system will not provide any recommendation for the specific snoozed term during the snoozed period.
  4. Once the snoozed period has ended the system will re-evaluate the term and decide whether there are any recommendations for it. 
Example of snoozed term

Auto Snooze

By Default, when performing an action through the system, the term will automatically be snoozed. You can set the default auto snooze period to 7, 14 or 30 days (a 3 days period is only available in the manual snooze) under the settings of each of the recommendation sections (Keywords, Search Terms, Targeted ASINs and Losing Keywords).

Snooze functionality options

For example: if the default Snooze period in your account is set to 7 days, any actions you take (adjust bid, negative, move to exact and on ) will put this term in Snooze mode, and the system won’t analyze it during this period and won’t give any recommendations.

Once the snooze period is over, the term will go back to the pool and will be reviewed again automatically.