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New Features & Updates - December 11th, 2019

We have added some features Listings & product walk-thru on RevenueWize.

  • New user menu located at the top right corner. The menu includes:
  • We’ve changed the loading animation
  • Minor bug fixes
  • On the left-hand menu we changed it so “losing without sales” is now on top of “losing with sales”. 

  • In the “Listings” tab, we’ve added a field named “Est.ACOS”. This field presents an estimation of the last 30 days ACOS per product. It is meant to help you determine your Target ACOS.
est ACOS-2
  • We have added a product walk-thru. We recommend everyone to try it out, even if you are not new users. We will very much appreciate your feedback.
  • We’ve opened a YouTube channel and started to create tutorial videos. More will be added over time. You can find it here