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New Features & Updates - December 24, 2019

We have added some features Action log, Multiple campaign selection & Notes and Action log on RevenueWize.

New Features:

  • Multiple campaign selection – You can now view more than one campaign simultaneously.
  • Action log – You can now see in the Action log under bid change not only what it was changed to but what the bid was before the change was made. 
  • You can now select under the Settings tab, the minimum amount of clicks a term has to receive before RevenueWize will show any recommendation (and as long as it is also in the top 10/30/50)

Changes to existing features:

  • Notes and Action log – history will now show last 90 days
  • Recommendations – Will not appear if the term had no impressions for the last 7 days
  • Campaign selector – Will show only enabled campaigns (Won’t show paused/archived).
  • Listings tab – we have removed the “account default Break-Even ACOS” option.