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New Features & Updates - January 22, 2020

We have added some features in January month New bid adjustment guard rails, Bulk bid recommendation change and Bulk snooze etc on RevenueWize.

New bid adjustment guard rails – You can now limit the recommendations by dollar amount or by percentage change. For example; you do not want the system to recommend a bid reduction by more than $0.5 or more than 10%. The system will select the more strict out of the two options ($ or %). The guard rails are available both for increase bid recommendations and for reducing bid recommendations. 

By default, the guard rails are set to:

  • Max increase – By $2 or 30%
  • Max reduction – By $1 or 20%

You can set the guard rails in the “Settings” tab”

Bulk bid recommendation change – Change multiple bids in bulk. In any of the recommendation tabs, you can select “Bulk Bid Adjustment”. This will allow you to select multiple bid recommendations and accept their bid change. You can set up your limits using the Guard Rails. 

* Only Exact Keywords will be displayed (bid recommendations only apply to them)

** Any snoozed recommendation will not show in bulk bid options 

Bulk snooze – Snooze multiple recommendations in bulk. In any of the recommendation tabs, you can select “Bulk Snooze”.  This will allow you to select and snooze multiple recommendations for 3, 7 or 14 days.