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New Features & Updates - November 21, 2019

We have added new features New additions in Keyword Expansions & View Duplicates, Add To Negative – Ad Group Selection in RevenueWize.

1. Keyword Expansions & View Duplicates – Actions!

Recently we have added the ability to view duplicate terms & a drill
down to view all terms related to a keyword in “Auto”, “Broad”, or “Phrase” match type.
Today, we have it possible to take actions in this view as well!
In both screens – View Duplicates & Keyword Expansion you can now take the
following 2 actions:

  • Adjust Bid – Keyword level
  • Add to Negative – Ad group level
View Dup KW expansion actions

2.  Add To Negative – Ad Group Selection
when taking the action – Move to “Exact” / move to “Manual” – The system lets you choose the ad group where the new “Exact” / “Manual” term should be created.
In today’s release – The system won’t allow you to select the source ad group.

  • This way you won’t be able to add a “Negative” on the source which will block the “Exact” term as well.
  • The system will automatically show a notification in the action window.
Add to negative ad group

3.  Page Load Time
Following improvements on the backend, pages will load faster and will take
less resources on the browser:

  •  A better user experience
  • Supports multiple tabs