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New Version Release - April 1, 2020

The release includes a complete redesign of the dashboard overview and several key features we have added such as the campaign placements, custom scenarios and more.

Overview Dashboard Redesign

The Overview dashboard has been completely redesigned to better support our ad spend control. It is more intuitive and provides a clearer analysis of our ad spend performance.

Areas in the overview sections direct us to the relevant actions we need to take in order to improve our campaign performance.
More info can be found in the Overview page FAQ

Custom Scenarios

In addition to the system built-in scenarios (without sales, below target ACOS, above target ACOS) we can create custom scenarios. Custom scenarios are available for all recommendation sections.
More info can be found in the Custom Scenarios FAQ

Campaign Placements

The Campaign Placements Menu allows us to see how the ads are performing based on their location in Amazon. We can differentiate our bids and view performance of our sponsored product ads by several placement groups.
More info can be found in the Recommendation Settings FAQ

Recommendation SettingsEach of the recommendation section has a settings option located on the top right corner . We now have the option to configure different settings for each section.
More info can be found in the Recommendation Settings FAQ

Page Help

Every page now includes a dedicated help section with video and textual tutorials related to it.

Change Tracker

This is a new and improved “action log” menu. The Change Tracker menu allows us to follow up on our actions and see what there outcomes have been. Any action we’ve performed through the system is logged and displayed in the Change Tracker menu. 
More info can be found in the Change Tracker FAQ