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Amazon PPC Keywords without clicks

Identify Amazon PPC keyords without clicks and revive them by gradually increasing their bids to the point they are generating clicks.

The Amazon PPC keywords without clicks report displays the keywords which haven’t had any clicks in the past 30 days. Keywords without clicks can occur due to several reasons:

  1. The CPC has increased and our current bid is no longer generating impressions.
  2. We have reduced our bid which caused the keyword to stop generating clicks (impressions drop report).
  3. We created a new keyword with an initial bid that hasn’t generated clicks.

The report is meant to help us identify these cases and attempt to revive them by gradually increasing their bids to the point they are generating clicks and optimized accordingly.

The keywords are separated by keyword type: Exact, Phrase broad, ASIN and Auto

We also have an ability to filter the list by campaign or ASIN using the top filters

Once reviewing the keywords in the list we can either update their bids or pause them one by one, we also an option to add a note for future reference.
We also have the option to update the bids in bulk by selecting the “bulk bid adjustment” option on the right.

Once it is selected, we can choose whether to increase the bids by a percentage or dollar amount, select the keywords for it to take effect or select all.

The bulk bid adjustment is limited to 50 keywords at a time which are listed per page. Those that have more than 50 bids to adjust should go to the next page.

In general there shouldn’t be a reason to have many keywords that aren’t generating clicks. Irrelevant keywords should be paused therefore the list should include mainly exact keywords or ASINS which had their bids reduced which resulted in no clicks or new keywords which we’ve created with a starting bid that hasn’t generated any clicks.

In both cases we recommend gradually increasing the bid until we reach a level of clicks we can further optimize.

Please note that increasing Broad, Phrase or Auto can result in reviving a large amount of search terms which can chew up our budget so pay attention when updating the bids for these keyword types.