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How to build a good Amazon PPC campaign structure

Watch this video to learn how to create a solid Amazon PPC campaign structure to support your advertising goals and optimize your performance

Video Topics

Many Amazon sellers focus their attention on their ACOS and how it can be reduced. However, they might also be overlooking the importance of how their Amazon PPC campaign structure can impact their performance and brand exposure.

Why do you need a good Amazon PPC campaign structure?

One of the most crucial aspects impacting your advertising success is by having a good and solid campaign structure to support your Amazon campaign phrases and advertising tactics.
There are multiple campaign structure methods and we will discuss the best Amazon PPC campaign structure by far in our opinion.
The best structure is the optimal structure for the majority of sellers and can be easily created in Amazon Seller Central. This structure also supports the search term isolation methodology

Amazon PPC campaign structure with RevenueWize

The Benefits

A good Amazon PPC campaign structure is the foundation for achieving your advertising goals.

A good structure will allow you to:

  • Analyze data
  • Make the right decisions
  • Optimize quickly, based on your advertising goals
  • Expand

It is important that your campaign structure supports your PPC optimization logic.

How to build a solid Amazon campaign structure?

The following tutorial explains how to build a solid Amazon campaign structure to support your advertising goals and brand awareness.
The video covers the following topics:

  1. Tips to build a good campaign structure.
  2. The different considerations when building your campaign structure.
  3. How many ASINs to include per campaign?
  4. What are the goals for each campaign?
  5. How many ad groups to create per campaign?
  6. How to support product variants in your campaign structure.
  7. Amazon manual campaigns (exact, phrase, and broad).
  8. Amazon auto campaigns (close match and loose match).
  9. Product targeting campaigns (Amazon substitutes and complement campaigns).
  10. Sponsored brand campaigns.
  11. Headline search ads campaigns.
  12. Product display ads campaigns.
  13. Video ads campaigns.