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Managing Duplicate Recommendations

Managing Duplicates in the recommendations section.

Duplicates can be managed in the “Manage Duplicates” menu or in the recommendations section.

In this example we’ll look at how this is done via the “Top Losing Search Terms without Sales” recommendations section.

Let’s take a look at the “crossfit knee pads” search term and select “more details”

When we scroll down to the recommendation section, we will notice a “view duplicates” option.

This means the system has identified this search term has duplicates. Selecting this option will take allow us to view those duplicates.

We can see that this search term exists in 2 different locations with different configurations.

The first location is within the exact term which we originally came from with a bid of $1.35

We can select more details to expand the view.

The second location is within a broad keyword with a bid of $1.53

In such cases we usually recommend managing the term in its exact state and adding it to negative in the broad keyword.

This will also free up budget in the broad keyword and give other terms an opportunity.

As for the exact term we can go back to the recommendation section and accept the bid reduction recommendation.

Now that we’ve eliminated the duplicate scenario for this term, the system will no longer display the “view duplicates” option in case of future recommendations.

We hope this video has helped you and you’re now ready to manage your duplicates effectively.