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Recommendation Settings

Watch this video tutorial to understand how to set the recommendation settings and how to improve your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Recommendation Settings script

The recommendation settings are located on the top right of our screen next to the ‘page help’.

The settings will apply to the relevant section only.

Clicking on the settings will open a window where we can configure several parameters:

The defaults include setting the Auto Snooze Period to 7, 14 or 30 days and setting the number of Recommendations to display per page

The recommendation thresholds include the min clicks and min loss to display a recommendation. If for example we set the minimum clicks to 5 we will not see recommendations for terms with less than 5 clicks. The same logic is for the minimum loss.

The default and recommendation thresholds settings are available for all recommended actions

The Bid Adjustment Thresholds are available only for EXACT KEYWORDS and TARGETED ASINS recommendations.

It allows us to set a minimum and maximum dollar and percent cap to the recommended bid change. Any bid recommendation generated by the system will be capped according to these thresholds.