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Setting Your Listing Page

Hot to properly set your Target ACOS and ensure the systems recommendations are in line with your advertising starategy

The listings menu is where we define the Target ACOS of every ASIN.

There are 2 targets we can configure, one on the account level at the top “Default Target ACOS” and another is per ASIN.
In case of multiple ASINs it is recommended to set a target ACOS for every ASIN. The only exception is if these are variants and all have the same target.

If we haven’t set a target ACOS per item the system will use the default target ACOS for all of the ASINs in the list.

The Target ACOS is used for generating the system optimization recommendations therefore it is crucial we set a realistic target ACOS and not a wishful one.

Setting a non-realistic low target ACOS can result in loss of impressions.
For example, if we currently have a 60% ACOS and configure the target ACOS to 20% we will lose impressions as the system will recommend to substantially lower our bids.
In such a case we should gradually attempt to reduce the ACOS and set a target ACOS of 50% and once it is reached we can attempt to reduce further attempt to reduce it until we have reach the optimal point.

The menu includes all of the ASINs that are currently being promoted so ASINs that are not connected to at least one active ad group will not appear in this list.

The list gets automatically updated so when we add a ASIN to our advertising mix in seller central it will automatically appear in the list.

The list includes the item main image, ASIN, Title and price.

The system calculates an estimated ACOS based on the last 30 days which can be used as a reference when setting our target ACOS

Editing the information is done by selecting the “edit product details”

We can then update the Target ACOS and select apply. It’s a simple yet crucial task which is why we’ve created a guide for setting the target ACOS which is available under the “Page help” or in this link