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Snooze Functionality

The Snooze functionality is one of the unique features of RevenueWize you can find no where else. Use RevenueWize to master Amazon PPC

Welcome to the brief video about the snooze functionality

There are 2 types of snooze in the system

An Auto snooze and a manual snooze

The auto snooze occurs upon a bid change, “move to exact” or “add to negative” action performed in the system.

The auto snooze period can be set to 3, 7 or 14 days which is configured under the settings tab.

The idea is to allow the change to take effect before generating new recommendations for it

The manual snooze is manually performed for a period of 3, 7 or 14 days and performed in the recommendation itself.

Let’s see how it works in the solution

(Video begins in the overview page)

We will start with the auto snooze

The auto snooze is configured under the settings tab

(click on settings tab)

On the right-hand side, we will find the “default snooze” setting

Here we can set it to 3, 7 or 14 days

In this case its set to 7 days

(click on “search terms with sales” tab)

When we are on one of the recommendation tabs, in this example “Top Losing Search Terms with Sales”, we expand one of the search terms and take an action. It can be a bid change or any other action.

Once an action is performed, the search term will get highlighted and will automatically get snoozed

We now know we’ve taken an action for this search term and that the system will not generate a new recommendation for it during the next 7 days.

Another possibility is that we’ve looked at a search term and decided not to take any action. We’d rather want to give it an additional week before reviewing it again. This is what the manual snooze is for.

Once we click on the snooze for 7 days the term will get highlighted and display the date of the snooze.

All of the terms snoozed during a given day will not appear in the recommended actions the following day and until their snooze periods elapses.

If for any reason we want to look at our currently snoozed items they can be found under the snoozed tab.

To summarize, the snooze is meant to help us manage the recommendations in an efficient way.