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Rights reserved RevenueWize 2018

Competitive Driven Conversion Optimization Solution for Brands selling on Amazon

Increase your profits and sales with AI-driven predictions on how likely shoppers will purchase your items given their competitive landscape

Everything Brands need to increase conversion rates on Amazon

Competitive Analysis

Clear view who you are up against when shoppers are searching for your products. 

Price Optimization

Price is King! Optimize prices to meet shopper expectations while maximizing your sales and profits.

Promotion Optimization

Optimize your advertising campaigns to maximize your return on ad spend 


Contextual Competitive Analysis

Understand how your competition is impacting your CTR & CVR!

We analyze how shoppers perceive your products on Amazon and provide actionable insights for increasing your sales and profits.

Our actionable insights include:

  1. Identifying the items you are being benchmarked against by shoppers’

  2. Understanding how you are perceived within your competitive landscape

  3. Predicting how your competition is impacting your click through and conversion rates


Competitive Based Predictive Modeling

Our AI based predictive engine forecasts how appealing your item is to shoppers in comparison to its competitive landscape.

Shoppers on Amazon consider different factors in their purchase decision. Recent surveys show that the main factors impacting shopper conversion include price, ratings and reviews, shipping, listing content and brand awareness.

RevenueWize forecasts likelihood of a shopper selecting and purchasing your product based on its level of “attractiveness” compared to the other products it is being compared to.

The predictions are based on various data sets including data we collect and your performance.

Advertising Optimization

Optimizing ad performance is by no doubt challenging.

RevenueWize optimizes your campaigns to maximize the return on your ad spend.


Our optimization includes:

  1. Which of your campaigns is not profitable (even though it might be converting well!)

  2. Changes to transform losing campaigns into profitable ones.

  3. New campaigns which will yield profit.

Maximize the return on your ad spend (ROAS)

Price Optimization

Find the right price to maximize your sales and profits

Achieving optimal pricing is a science and continuous effort in a highly dynamic environment such as Amazon.

Our price optimization solution correlates between your sales and competitive landscape (cross ASIN) and identifies the optimal price to support your business strategy.

Our price optimization solution:

  1. Predicts how every price change will impact your click through and conversion rates.

  2. Recommend optimal prices based on your business strategy.

  3. Execute price updates according your guidelines.


Work With Us

If you are a brand selling on Amazon and are looking to increase your sales and profits please contact us and we will be happy to help you.