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5 Easy Steps to Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon PPC campaigns can be incredibly unpredictable, and even a few small mistakes can negatively impact your results. On the other hand, a fully-optimized PPC campaign will give you a substantial boost in sales at a surprisingly low cost.

There aren’t any shortcuts to success with Amazon PPC, but there are a few reliable ideas that can help differentiate your brand from the competition. While improving your strategies takes time, this post will help you develop more effective strategies in order to generate sustainable sales through Amazon PPC campaigns.

What Is the Best Way to Advertise on Amazon?

Product quality is obviously critical to your success, but search results also play a critical role in your Amazon sales. Having your products consistently show up in response to the right keywords will improve your conversion rate throughout PPC campaigns.

How to Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns for Negative Keywords

On the other hand, showing up for the wrong keywords will decrease conversions, leading to a higher overall cost for each sale. Regularly analyzing keyword results and adjusting accordingly is one of the most effective ways to build more efficient campaigns. You can reduce spending on negative keywords by either blocking them entirely or significantly decreasing your bid.

Step 1: Check Out Your Competitors

It’s impossible to predict every keyword that your audience will use. If you’re wondering how to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns, competitor research is a great way to start. Monitoring the competition gives you insight into their successes and can help identify blind spots.

Fortunately, search tools are more powerful and flexible than ever, giving Amazon vendors the tools they need to keep tabs on other businesses. Search engine software automates the competition research process and makes it easy to find the relevant information.

You’ll need to do things like:

Step 2: Create Structured Campaigns

If you’re selling multiple products, chances are you have several PPC campaigns on the go at once. It’s important to stay organized, so you can track performance and optimize where necessary.

We suggest you sort your campaigns using the following:

Placing your products into defined categories will keep your campaigns consistent and allow you to create repeatable processes for your Amazon PPC campaigns.

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Step 3: Take Advantage of Automation

Running campaigns manually gives you more control, but it also takes much more time. It’s important to consider the opportunity cost—even if it leads to slightly better results, allocating more resources to your Amazon PPC campaigns may not be the most efficient option.

Amazon’s automatic campaigns are a great way to identify and test potential keywords. You can use this data to validate which keywords have volume, convert, and are worth pursuing in your strategy.

We suggest:

This tip applies to both native automation tools and third-party software that supplements Amazon’s features. Spending too much time and money on PPC marketing will only leave you with fewer resources for other areas of your business.

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Step 4: Minimize Your ACoS

Amazon offers a variety of metrics to help marketers understand their results, and average cost of sale (ACoS) is arguably the most crucial. This number represents the ratio of ad costs to sales and is calculated by dividing the former by the latter. For example, spending 50 cents for every dollar in sales would represent an ACoS of 50%.

How can you structure Amazon PPC campaigns around ACoS? This metric is perfect to focus on when comparing different keywords as it provides critical information about your marketing ROI. No statistic can tell the entire story on its own, but ACoS is particularly relevant for PPC campaigns.

The best way to reduce your ACoS is:

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Step 5: Optimize at Least Once a Week

Every Amazon vendor is looking for a reliable way to stay ahead of the competition, but the reality is that gradual adjustments are more important than immediate, large-scale changes.

PPC campaigns are always changing. You need to figure out how to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns over time.

Going through your campaigns every week will keep you informed and help you avoid repeating the same mistakes. Don’t worry too much about perfecting your approach all at once. 

Instead, try doing things like:

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