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New Features & Updates - June 23, 2020

This latest release includes Smart Auto Targeting and Search Term Isolation support. The new features help reduce your ACOS and save you time

Smart Auto Targeting Campaigns

Negative ASIN targeting is available though RevenueWize’s smart auto campaigns which are an improved version of the Substitutes and Complements campaigns.

Smart auto campaigns allow us to add an ASIN to negative and set a unique bid per ASIN as opposed to the regular auto campaigns.
Smart auto campaigns have proven to outperform regular auto campaigns by at least 30%.

More information is available here

Negative ASIN targeting

Search Term Isolation Support

The solution now fully supports the search term isolation methodology.
Search terms can be copied to:
1. Broad keyword + negative phrase or negative exact
2. Phrase keyword + negative exact
3. Exact keyword

Amazon suggested bid for all keyword types is made available and unique bids per new keywords can be set.
More info is available here