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Amazon Keyword Tool and ASIN Research

Tutorial - RevenueWize's Amazon Keyword Tool generates new relevant keywords and ASINs which are not picked up by the Amazon auto campaign

RevenueWize provides a powerful Amazon Keyword Tool for discovering new keywords and products to target. The solution consciously generates new relevant terms and adds them to their relevant ad groups.

How does RevenueWize come up with new relevant Keywords and ASINs?

The RevenueWize Amazon Keyword Tool gets the recommended keywords and ASINs from the Amazon Sponsored Brands discovery Engine.
Amazon Sponsored Brands has a mechanism similar to the one generating search terms for the Amazon Auto campaigns but in a much more accurate fashion. Amazon has invested in its Sponsored Brands discovery Engine and we have found the terms it generates highly relevant.

The solution makes API calls to the SB Engine on a regular interval and generates new keywords and ASINs based on its response.

The solution does not add new terms if they already exist in the account.

How is this different from the Amazon auto campaign?

Amazon auto campaigns are also used for discovering new terms.

Close Match and Loose Match ad groups constantly generate search terms, while Complements and Substitutes generate targeted ASINs

Typical Amazon auto campaigns include many search terms and ASINs with their respectable performance

search terms and ASINs - amazon keyword tool

The Amazon auto campaign problem

Amazon auto campaigns have several flaws:

1. One bid per group

We can set only one bid per group so we end up with hundreds or sometimes thousands of terms with the same bid.

However, we know for a fact, each term is most likely to have its unique optimal bid

2. Low bids will most likely not generate impressions

Auto campaigns tend to have low bids.

Therefore, if for example, we set our bid to $0.50 and relevant terms require a minimal bid of $1.50 to generate impressions. It will most likely generate very few impressions or none at all in the auto campaign.

3. Amazon auto campaigns generate duplicates

Amazon auto campaigns generate duplicates.

For instance, a close-match and a loose-match campaign can generate the same term and create duplicates.

How Does RevenueWize’s Research Tool overcome these issues?

RevenueWize keyword and ASIN research campaigns overcome these obstacles by creating direct keywords for each term and not grouping them with the same bid.

Keyword Research Campaigns

  1. New manual campaign with 2 ad groups – Phrase and Broad
  2. Each term is added as a phrase keyword which is added to the phrase ad group
  3. Each term is added as a broad keyword which is added to the broad ad group + negative phrase added to prevent duplicates
  4. The bid set for the keyword is according to the Amazon suggested bid

ASIN Target Campaigns

  1. New product targeting campaign with 1 ad group
  2. Each new ASIN is added as a manual match
  3. The bid set for the ASIN is according to the Amazon suggested bid

The Results

  • New Relevant Keywords and ASINs which might not be picked up via the Amazon auto campaigns
  • Unique bid per term allowing it to reach its potential
  • No duplicates created

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