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Keyword Expansion

Watch this video tutorial to understand how to use keyword expansion and how to improve your Amazon PPC campaigns.

System Part

(Video begins in the recommendations page)

Welcome to this brief video about the keyword expansion functionality

Let’s take a look at an example.

Selecting more details displays the keyword this search term is related to

We can also see that in this case it’s a phrase keyword and includes a 4 search terms (mouse point phrase).

Clicking on the match type (click on the match type) will display a list of the 4 search terms and their performance.

We can evaluate the performance of each of the search terms within the keyword and decide whether we want to perform certain actions. For example, we can see the “jacksimple wrist wraps” term is underperforming and decide to add it to negative (click add to negative).

This and additional actions can be performed on each of the keyword search terms.

(Select back button)

Expanding keywords is available for all keyword types including exact keywords (expand the top listing and click on the match type link)

This feature has been developed to help us make more informed decisions. We hope you benefit from it.