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Campaign Placements

Watch this video tutorial to understand how to set the campaign placements and how to improve your Amazon PPC campaigns.

The Campaign Placements menu allows us to see how our ads are performing based on their location in Amazon.

Looking at the analysis we can learn how each of the ad placements is working and adjust our bidding strategy accordingly.

The analysis includes the following placement groups

  1. Top of Search on-Amazon – refers to the Sponsored Products ads at the top row on the first page of search results.
  2. Other on-Amazon – refers to Sponsored Products ads shown in the middle or at the bottom of search results, and all Sponsored Products ads in the second page of search results and beyond.
  3. Detail Page on-Amazon – refers to Sponsored Products placements on the product details page, and all non-search placements such as the add-to-cart page.
  4. Remarketing off-Amazon – refers to ads displayed outside of Amazon leading to your product pages.

Remarketing off Amazon is available only to those bringing external traffic to their ASIN pages otherwise it will not be displayed.

We can see the important stats related to our ad placements including our spend and ACOS for each of the placements.

The results can be filtered by one or more campaigns.

Below the graph we will find a list of our campaigns and see their targeting type

Their Daily Budget

The Avg. Daily Budget Used

The daily budget usage

The Bidding Strategy for the campaign 

And whether there’s a top and product bid placement adjustment

Clicking on the “Edit” option allows us to configure the campaign settings

We can set the daily budget

Set our bidding strategy 

The Top of search bid adjustment and 

Product Page bid adjustment 

A detailed explanation of each of these settings is available in our FAQ