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Amazon Keyword Research Tool for PPC

Tutorial - learn how RevenueWize Amazon Keyword Research is used for discovering potential keywords that auto campaigns aren't identifying

RevenueWize Amazon Keyword Research Campaigns are used for discovering potential keywords that are auto campaigns are not identifying.

The system generates new relevant terms using Amazon’s Sponsored Brands discovery engine which has proven to generate truly relevant and accurate terms. The system continuously checks for new terms and adds them to the relevant ad group.

More information on how it works can be found here:

Creating a new Amazon Keyword Research campaign

1. Click on “New Research Campaign”

New Product Targeting Research campaign - RevenueWize

2. Select the Products

Select the products to include in the campaign (we can include one or more products) and click “Next Step”

Select the Products - RevenueWize

3. Set the Campaign Variables

  • Campaign name – the system generates a default name which can be modified
  • Daily budget – we recommend setting a low budget for research campaigns
  • Bidding strategy – we recommend setting it to “down only”
  • Set the bid – we recommend using the “Amazon suggested bid”
Set the campaign variables - amazon keyword research - RevenueWize

4. Click on “Create Campaign”

Clicking on “Create Campaign” will create a new campaign in Seller Central with 2 ad groups:

  1. Broad ad group – new broad keywords
  2. Phrase ad group – new phrase keywords

The system will continuously add relevant new broad and phrase keywords. Subsequently, we will then be able to manage the new keywords via the system.

A summary of the campaign performance can be viewed in the menu

summary of the campaign performance menu - amazon keyword research - RevenueWize

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