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New Features & Updates – November 11, 2019 New Features & Updates – November 21, 2019 New Features & Updates – December 1st, 2019 New Features & Updates – December 11th, 2019 New Features & Updates – December 24, 2019 New Features & Updates – January 7, 2020 New Features & Updates – January 22, 2020 New Features & Updates – February 17, 2020 Why Is Amazon PPC Important? Best Practices and Strategies for Amazon PPC in 2020 How To Find the Best Keywords For Your Sponsored Ads on Amazon Determining Our Target-ACOS How to calculate our current ACOS and the Total ACOS How to calculate your Break-Even ACOS How to Manage Duplicate Terms Setting up the listings tab How to use the Impressions Drop Menu How to use the Snooze functionality How To Revoke RevenueWize Access 5 Key Benefits of Amazon’s Sponsored Products Campaign Setting Your Target ACOS Setting Your Listing Page Keyword Expansion Snooze Functionality Managing Duplicate Recommendations How to use the Change Tracker Menu How to use the Campaign Placements Menu How to Manage Losing Keywords How to Manage Snoozed Items How to Use the Overview Dashboard How to Manage Keyword Recommendations How to Perform Bulk Bid Adjustments How to Perform Bulk Snooze How to Manage Search Term Recommendations Using the Custom Scenarios How to Set a Custom Target ACOS How to Use the Keyword Expansion How Cost Per Click (CPC) Is Affected By COVID-19 New Version Release – April 1, 2020 How to Master RevenueWize Dashboard Overview Recommendation Settings Campaign Placements Exact Keyword Recommendations Snoozed Menu Feature A2Z Claim (Amazon) eBay Arbitrage Chargeback COVID-19 and Your Business: What You Need to Know About Ad Spending During the Pandemic Amazon ACoS Amazon ROAS Amazon Click-Through Rate (CTR) What is Amazon Conversion Rate (CVR)? CPC Amazon Amazon Sponsored Product Ads The Benefits of Using Amazon Negative Keyword Targeting Save cost of Ads by Amazon Targeting Products using Negative Keywords Amazon Keyword Targeting Amazon Product Targeting How to Easily Improve your Amazon Bidding Strategies How to Improve your Amazon Advertising Placements Amazon Broad Keyword Amazon Phrase Keywords Use Amazon Exact Match to gets Relevant Clicks A Comprehensive Guide To ACoS for Amazon Sellers Should You Invest in Amazon Advertising? The 2020 Guide to Display Ads Sponsored on Amazon New Features & Updates – April 27, 2020 How to Increase Your Sales With Amazon PPC? Do You Know How to Win the Amazon Buy Box? Everything You Need to Know About How to Launch a Product on Amazon New Features & Updates – May 19, 2020 PPC Webinar May 2020 Using the search term isolation method to manage your PPC campaigns How to use Amazon PPC bid placements How to build a good Amazon PPC campaign structure What is a good ratio between Organic versus Ad Sales How to Manage your Campaigns Daily Amazon Budget Negative ASIN Targeting with Smart Auto Targeting campaigns The Search Term Isolation Methodology – Amazon advanced search How to Manage Search Terms New Features & Updates – June 23, 2020 5 Easy Steps to Optimize Amazon PPC Campaigns 5 Tips to Lower Your Amazon ACoS Amazon PPC Campaign Structure Analysis Amazon PPC Campaign Structure Analysis Amazon PPC Bid Warnings (Overbidding) Amazon PPC Bid Warnings 5 Things To Know About FBA Amazon Reimbursement Amazon PPC Keywords without clicks Amazon Keyword Tool and ASIN Research Amazon PPC ASIN Research Tool Amazon Keyword Research Tool for PPC Automatic vs Manual Campaigns for Amazon PPC Optimization Top 5 Challenges Amazon Advertising Agencies are Facing Advertising Tips for Prime Day 2021 POINTSTORY CASE STUDY

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